Barış Gökalp | President

Global Treasury Director | Şişecam

Message from the President:

Welcome to the World of Corporate Treasury Management.

During our chats with our valuable founding members, we have realized that our country doesn’t have a platform where Corporate Treasurers, who have increasingly higher impact on the strategic decisions of the company, can come together and share their knowledge, experience and opinions. Thus, we established the Corporate Treasury Managers’ Association, which we believe will grow rapidly when we put all hands on deck together.

Our purpose is to represent Corporate treasury professionals, to actively promote conversations at every level before the authorities and organizations throughout the economy, to support professional development of our members, and to create a top tier network through sharing best practices for Corporate Treasury Management.

I believe that this new composition will be of great benefit to our country and colleagues.

About Us

Formerly included into finance and accounting, the concept of Corporate Treasury Management has now become an exclusive and unique field with diversification of the needs, financial markets and instruments utilized.

There are associations in many countries around the world, where people working in this field has come together to exchange information in areas such as financial markets and practices as well as with process management and use of technology.

Working on this matter, managers and employees in the departments called Corporate Treasury, Corporate Finance, Financing etc. within the companies felt the absence of a platform where they can come together and share their opinions.

Corporate Treasury Managers’ Association is established to fill this gap and boost the communication.

As stated in the regulations, the purpose of the Corporate Treasury Managers’ Association is “to reinforce professional relations between members by bringing them together, to make contributions for creation, development and continuity of Corporate Treasury Management ethics, traditions and principles, guidelines, professional ethics and standards in professional practices, to maintain professional benefits of the members, to help its members make professional progress by following professional developments at national and international levels as well as providing information and conducting training activities in relation to such developments, to organize efforts to enable performance of the profession by qualified staff, to make contribution to such qualified efforts, to carry out activities to improve theoretical and practical knowledge to boost the quality of the profession of Treasury Management, and to represent the members before public and private organizations related to the profession.”


Barış Gökalp | Başkan

Global Treasury Director | Şişecam

Mehmet Levent Coşkuner

Managing Partner | ELC Strategy

Banu Şahin

Head of Treasury & Finance
Gamak Makina Sanayi A.Ş.

Dr. İmran Emre Karagözlü

Group Treasury Manager | Coca Cola

Fatih Şeker

Financial & Tax Advisor | Peaks Consultancy

Nazım Yaprak

Treasury and Financial Affairs Director | TAV Airports Holding

Alper Ünlü

Accounting Manager | ER-BAKIR Elektrolitik Bakır Mamulleri

Batur Asmazoğlu

CFO & Board Member to Group Companies | İnci Holding